Bonjour mes chéries,


What better way to seize a summer's day than to take part in an elegant Dinner in White that will the dazzle the senses? With the invited guests and decor all outfitted in white, elegance will be in the air.

Envision yourself: dressed in white, breaking bread and nibbling on the most delectable spirits with your closest friends. Where are you? Well that's still a secret. But rest assured, this year's location has a certain je ne c'est quoi, if you will.

Dinner in White is modeled after Diner Blanc, which started in Paris and has grown to be an international phenomenon with events in over 35 countries and 80 cities around the world.. The location is revealed  the day before the event starts.  Our hope is to re-create this fun event while being able to give back. Instead of the traditional picnic style, there will be a caterer to serve a fantastic meal while mingling with your friends. You’ll decorate your own table in linens and decor, and a chance to win a prize for the “best dressed” table! 

Rotary is a club that gives back to the community, donating to many non-for-profits in Airdrie. The Tuesday Club is known for support with Victims Assistance, Community Links, the Food Bank, and the Dragon’s Den event where donations are made to almost 15 organizations on Giving Tuesday. Help us raise funds to support more local organizations!! 

Venue Details
Airdrie, Airdrie, Alberta , Canada